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I have been trying to group the panels that I attended.  That is difficult at times because I attended some panels merely because I had never attended a panel in that area before. 

  • Pattern Basics (How to use a pattern to make a costume)

  • Art Docent Tour

I’ve worn a costume at a Worldcon only once and I think it was a Worldcon in San Antonio.  I went to this because it sounded like fun.  And the presenters did offer some basic information.  They also noted two websites that I have to look up.



The Art Docent tour was led by someone knowledgable but had never led a tour before.  After 15 minutes (out of an hour), someone spoke up and reminded the artist that we only had an hour to see all of the art.  He sped up somewhat.  By the end, our group of ten or twelve had dwindled down to three.  I loved the quilted painting, some as detailed as a mosaic.  And staying to the end, gave the three of us a chance to meet the person who created the base of the 2013 Hugo awards.  We works in cast iron and he brought a mini-foundry to do a casting demo in San Antonio.

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One rant: part of what led me back to sewing was the desire for natural fabrics.  When I shop, everything is a polyester blend and feels hot and clingy against the skin.  The washing instructions are cold-water hand wash, delicate, line dry.  I often joke that I expect to see washing instructions that insist that the clothing must be hand washed on the side of river by shoeless, starving woman.  That's how much respect clothing manufacturers have for us.  We have all the time in the world to wash their precious clothes.  

That's not it, of course.  Most of them are made overseas.  Which brings another fantasy to mind.  America has hidden away the secret of making color-fast clothing and reserved it for union-made clothing.  

In which case, I wish they would sell union-made fabric at the fabric stores because almost all I could find was polyester blends there also.  A few linen-cotton blends which I did purchase.  The dress that I just finished is a rayon blend, alas.  There was no light weight linen on the shelf at all.  It's a cold-water wash also, must at least it's a machine washable.



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