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As Worldcon recedes, memories get all timey wimey.  That’s what reflection is.

I took notes, I journaled.  Among the choices, I tried to occasionally drop into a panel outside my immediate interests.  There were around 9 possible choices every hour.  Some were good; others disappointing.  I’ll be back to reminisce.

So a quick list of what I did attend.

  • Bloopers and Blunders of Science

  • Part of the Opening ceremonies--which I left and headed to lunch

  • The Poet as Activist: On Seeing and Saving the Natural World

  • Where There’s a Will There’s Way: Reproductive Technology, Medical Ethics and the Law

  • Tor Presents

  • Scientific Literacy vs. Human Knowledge

  • Latino Characters by Mainstream Authors: Diversity or Cultural Appropriation?

  • The History of Science and the Experience of Science Fiction

  • Pattern Basics (How to use a pattern to make a costume)

  • Reading: George R. R. Martin

  • How to Sell to Ellen Datlow

  • Kaffeeklatsch with Connie Willis

  • Gender in SF

  • Art Docent Tour

  • The Role of the (Doctor Who) Companions

  • 30 Great SFF films you almost certainly haven’t seen

  • How Arab SF could Dream a Better Future

  • Masquerade on Friday night

  • Speculative Poetry Workshop

  • Fiction about Real Politics and How Writers Get it Wrong

  • Reading -- was supposed to be Mary Anne Mohanraj but was not.

  • Jim Gunn’s Teaching

  • Philosophy and Science Fiction

  • a little of the nominated movie Brave

  • Writers, their Fans and Flame Wars, Oh My!

  • How to write a novel

  • reading by Jo Walton

  • Can Traditional SF Communities Survive Multimedia Convention

  • Hugos on Saturday night

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photo by Alan Musselman

photo by Alan Musselman


Your affection is as constant as the tide
It rushes in, out.
It threatens to pull me under, to tear
me into ribbons on unseen rocks
When I return from the continent's edge
I find a sliver of green
glass in my foot
Fired silicon as fine as a jewelers’ loupe.
The better to see you with, a Mexican grandma whispers
as she displays her wares:
fine Spanish knives,
sweetened pastries to placate the tongue
and release from watery lovers.

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Day 1 was actually April 4th

Had a ride around the neighborhood.  Ventured up Lapalco, a busy street, where I stayed on the sidewalk.  I hit a curb and the chain came off.  Called a friend to come pick me up.  I had not stopped driving yet, so I was able to take another friend to Yizkor service at Temple


Day 2 was April 10

Another friend got the chain back on the bike.


I took back up Lapalco Boulevard.  Same route, getting back on the horse that threw me.  I passed that troublesome curb.  I crossed the street to Home Depot.  Home Depot is part of a huge complex that used to be part of Belle Promenade mall.  The mall died years ago and in the past ten years, Wal-Mart tore down the mall and built a superstore.  Last year, Lowes built their own version of a superstore.  I used that parking lot to get up Barataria Boulevard until I could get to a side street.  I got as far as the Expressway and the bike path under the expressway.  The bike path stops two blocks before the Harvey tunnel.  Hopefully, one is allowed to walk the bike through the tunnel. If I can get to the other side, I can get to the ferry and New Orleans. On Saturday, I turned back and got myself home. It was starting to get dark.  All in all, I was on the bike for two hours.


Day 3, today

Today, I ran an envelope over to the Civic Association’s Vice-President.  The bike seat let me know that two hours yesterday was a long time.  Ouch!  Still, I have another errand this afternoon.  I need to make it back up to Walgreens or Wal-Mart for Kleenex and other sinus trouble supplies.  So far, the first week of no driving has gone fairly well.

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Well, I am back from Israel!  I’ve spent the majority of my off time trying to edit pictures down to a manageable amount.  So far, I have managed to get down to a 432 slideshow in google. I limited that further to a 38 picture book in my Kodak gallery.  I wanted to order one of their mini-books and see how that came out. 

You can find the google snapshots at:
I tried to include captions on many.

I am still exhausted.  It doesn’t help that I caught a cold on the way back.  No amount of sleep feels to be enough.  Of course, I probably ran myself ragged there.  But I didn’t feel tired while I was there.  I was always pushing my poor roommate to do more. 

Alas, no encounters with the Ethiopian community.  I tried to go to an Ethiopian restaurant in Tel Aviv, but it had closed.  We did meet with many other good folks.  The pictures show how “mixed” Israel is. 

I bought 5 CDs, 4 of which were on my “buy” list.  I bought a inexpensive tallit.  I was trying to be conservative.  Things are tight.


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