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 A liminal day. Shabbat, definitely but also the day before I can drive again.

I’ve been on a medication-induced fast on driving. I’ve biked, walked, bussed, and carpooled everywhere. One wonders why I don’t get more writing done during such a time. At least, I usually wonder why during the week of driving.

During each three week fast, I know why.

Such a fast always leaves me feeling so deprived. So poor. Can I write when I feel like the lowest of the low? Sometimes, of course. Sometimes anger fires me up to write. Sometimes the beauty around inspires me. Yes, I can sit at a bus stop and watch life run through its paces around me and be amazed. Sometimes, the silence of being the invisible commuter makes me a fulcrum/pen.

Such a fast is so exhausting. Instead of getting two or three things done, I get one thing done. For instance, I had one book due at the library last week. It was a new book and couldn’t be renewed online. If I got off the bus at 6:30 after work to return the book, there would be only one more homebound bus and that around 8:30. (Bless my co-worker who dropped the book off for me).

However, as I said, today is a liminal day. A day to plan and appreciate that time is a human construct. Nothing magical will happen at midnight. But the doctor’s instructions have made it a special time. It reminds me of the first time that I was in a havdalah ceremony “done right”. It was at Touro, at a service led by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner. He asked that the lights be dimmed. It took a while for the synagogue leaders to find the switches to cut the lights in their new chapel. The service then continued and the extinguishing of the havdalah candle in the wine was startling in the darkness of the room. Both the joy of a new week and the sadness that another Shabbat had ended mingled in all of our hearts.

Music listened to as I write this was discovered when I was looking up a band’s name:

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Saturday morning and I was the only one at service for 15 minutes! Except for the executive director and the Rabbi and Cantor. Then the president of the congregation showed up. And two guests who have been there before. If they continue to show up, we may really have two new members.

There is a lot going on in the city this weekend. I hope that was the problem. There's the air show, which I can hear from my bedroom because the base is fairly close. The Smithsonian is hosting a culture festival in town. There is VooDoo festival (rock music) at City Park. Tonight, Krewe de Jeux is participating in a Halloween parade with another group: 6'9 (a march from the 6th ward to the 9th ward).

And I sit at home.

Actually, I may try some of the parade tonight. Hence, I must rest today. I am catching up on reading 10 minutes of Torah from URJ. I watched an episode of "Hustle". And I still plan to hit the library and find places to send my poetry. It's just sitting on my PC gathering dust. I want this to be a lazy Shabbat. I rush around too much.



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