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I just have to acknowledge the amount of electronics that was in this house this weekend even if some of it went unused.

There was
• my old PC – unused
• my new PC – minimum use
• my work laptop – no use (!)
• my home office printer
• my sister’s laptop
• my brother-in-law’s laptop
• 4 smartphones
• 1 regular-ole-cell phone
• my niece’s laptop (used as a DVD player this weekend)
• 3 TV’s –rarely turned on except to view DVDs or football games
• 3 digital cameras

And that doesn’t count the various devices, like the range and microwave, that have chips embedded within them. The electromagnetic forces that we were exposed to this weekend should have been deafening. (smile) It was probably worse when we went to the Bayou Classic. I know that I was able to connect to the Internet on my phone when the game started. By half time, the cell towers had fallen to their knees and melted into goo.

I have another day off. Time to handle business, wash, and transition back to work. Meanwhile, the city is going crazy over the Saints. Yesterday, I took my brother shopping for Saints logo stuff and his red-n-white hat got him double takes as we walked down Decatur Street. It wasn’t a Patriots cap, but he started to wonder if he needed to turn his hat inside out because of the challenges that he was getting. I change my FB profile picture to a Saints logo on game days. I’m more of a basketball fan, but I admit that it’s nice to see the loyalty of Saints fans rewarded on the scoreboard this year. Besides, the Hornets are having so many problems winning.
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This might be my only basketball game this year and luckily the Hornets won--although they truly aggravated the fans. Rebound, won't you?

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