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 In an attempt to keep up with summer movies, I went to see “Thor” yesterday. I want some of my $13 back.

OK, I am not the target audience for this. It has none of the angst of “Batman” and nothing like the wide sweeping story of “Lord of the Rings.” This is the comic book Thor, so we don’t even get the rich myth of Thor, Odin, Baldur, and the rest. I am not a Marvel-ette, so I can’t even tell you if they represented the comic book well. There is a reference to Stark, so this is the same universe as the one that contains “Ironman”. Did Marvel have an equivalent to the Justice League? Can we expect to see Ironman and Thor in a movie down the road?

This movie goes down the check list; the hero is broad shouldered, narrow waisted, photographs well. He’s based on a northern godling from a comic book, so America can have a blond hero without explanation. There a bunch of other godlings whose names that I did not catch and there is Loki, Thor’s brother, a more conflicted and more interesting character. There’s the required romantic interest and there is the required growth from the main character. I just found that even with the humor (I did laugh) and the wonderful special effects, I just didn’t care about any of the characters.

Instead, I found it amusing that one character in the movie recognizes Thor’s name. Is mythology still taught in school? I sat there trying to remember Odin’s wife’s name. I went down the days of the week until I found her waiting patiently at Friday. I wondered if any of the godlings was Baldur. I liked Odin and found myself wishing that someone would film Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” where Odin is a main character. I looked at the costumes of the gods and wondered how comfortable or uncomfortable they were---compared to the jeans worn by the humans. But still, I am hoping for better summer movies. Can I have at least half of my money back? The 3-d wasn’t worth it.

Yes, I will catch something more substantive. There is a mini-film festival going on in town now. But even there, I will be seeking the unusual and off-center topics.
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It got dark fast, so I didn't ride for long. 

On the walk from the bus stop tonight, I did notice that despite all the dead cicadas on the sidewalk, the singers in the trees are as loud as ever.  You can't hold a conversation in your yard if you have an oak or pine tree.  The cries are that loud.


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